The Qabalah Trainer Manual

0. Content

1. Getting started

2. Basics

2.1 Ambiguities

3. The Display

4. The Game-Menu

4.1 Game type

4.2 Time Limit

4.3 Level

4.4 (Start) row

5. The Options and Help Menu

5.1 Highlighting

5.2 Sound

6. Registry

7. Errors and Updates

b. Credits


1. Getting started

After you started the Program (and eventually after you closed the registry formular) there is a falcon on the

upper left corner of the screen. Please click the falcon to start the game. On the right of the falcon, you see two displays for text and symbols. Below them you see the quabalistic Tree of Life.

In the left textwindow, labeled "click path for:" you see a given word or property, in our case the number of a path in the tree of life (note, that a Sephira is a numbered path, too). The task is to click the matching path in the Tree of Life. You'll notice, that the path under your mouse pointer is highlited in blue. This is intended to help you to click the path you really intend to.

After you choose the path and hit the mouse button, there will be:

-the next question in the left text window,

-the pathnumber and property/word you just clicked in the right Window.

-A colored marking of the path asked for, either red for the right answer or black for a wrong one

(if you have your mouse pointer still over this path, you won't see it, because the path is still

highlighted in blue),

-A different score in the right lower corner.

-none of all this, if you did not hit any path or more than one path at once (in case you hit the

crosspoint of two paths). In that case there will be shown a message.

After a random sequence of 32 questions the game ends and the highscore screen will be shown. You can choose to carve youre name in or just to close the window, to start another game

by hitting the start button again.



2. Basics

As everyone knows, who sicerely started to learn about the qabalah, it is absolutely necessery to

"know the tree of life by heart". And that is bad news indeed, because it is awfully boring to learn something about a dozen tables with 32 entrys in each row. No fun at all!

No fun at all?

Well, the Qabalah Trainer was designed to help you in your endeavour.

If you are among those thousands, which rather would play a window solitaire game in a short

break than to fetch you Liber 777 to learn those tables, this is for you: A game of Qabalah Trainer

is as easy as a solitarian game and as helpful* as studiying those boring tables. And you will see your

advances in your highscores. And even, if you know them well - let's try the time limit and see, if

your're fast enough or not.

And, after you're pretty good at pointing the path matching a given word, we can do the opposite;

the path is now highlitet and the property is aked for. That really can make a knot in your brain.

(*may be, the studying of the tables is a little bit more teaching than playing the Qabalah Trainer - provided,

one is doing that.)

The tables are from the appendix of Magick Book 4, with one little differenz (the "tsaddi is not the star"-stuff). These are changings in path 15 and 28, in the tables about magical weapons and


If you see any errors in the tables or if you want a customized table, please contact me under the email adress given below and in the registry screen. This is very important in the case of errors;

althought we have checked the tables, there can be errors, and we do not want our users to learn wrong tables.

This program can help you to learn the basic correspondencies of the tree of life, but to understand qabalah, you still have to study.

2.1 Ambiguities

In some tables, the same Word can be found more than one table row. In some case, one refers to the sephiroth, the other one to the paths. Then, the difference will be marked with color code. But in future, there can be cases, where the ambiguity can not be handled this way. In that case, you still can use all functions as usual, except the tutorial; it will work a little bit awkward.

3. The display

There are some parts of the main window wich were not mentioned in the "Getting started"-section.

Below the start button, there are two status bars, showing the progress of the game. If you play with time

limitations, there will be shown the remaining time.

For the "Select Item"-game type, there is a big text window at the right bottom. Since the question is now one highlighted path, the answer can be given by clicking the matching line in this window.

All changes going with the selection of options take effect when pressing the start button (falcon).

4. The Game Menu

In the game menu and its submenus you can choose, wich type of game you want to play.

If you change something like Game Type, Timelimit, Level or Row while running a game, this game will be aborted and must be rtestarted by pressing the start-button.

Some Options, shown in grey, are limited by the state of registry. Unregistered programs only work in demonstration modus, offering only a very few options.

4.1 Game Type (default: Select Path)

Here you can choose betwenn:

Select Path: A word /property is given in the left text window. You can answer by clicking

the path of the grafical tree of life.

Select Item: A path will be highlighted in the tree. You can answer by clicking the right

word or property in the big text window in the right corner. The textlist in this

window will be alphabetically ordered.


4.2 Time (default: no limit)

After you gained a little practise, you might want to increase difficulty, which can be done by

applying a time limit. After hitting the Start-Button, a status bar on the left side will show the

remaining time.

The game ends as usally after all questions are answered, or after you ran out of time.

In the case of most questions answered right and remaining time, a time bonus will be

calculated for your highscore.

The time is measured in that way, that you have no time to think with time limit hard.

With the Game Type "Select Item" you will need more time just to find the correct word in

the list, and so more time will be given.

4.3 Level (default: easy)


With the preselected easy level, there will be 32 questions or less than that, depending on

the number of entries in the selected row of the Liber 777 -Table. Right or wrong answers

will be marked within the tree.

The medium level consists of 93 Questions, table row after table row, starting with the

under Game/Select(Start)row.Right or wrong answers will be marked within the tree.

With Level Hard you will go through a sequence of 156 Questionst, and the table row

can change from question to question. The answers will not be marked in the tree.

The tutoial mode was made for the case, that you do not know anything about the table you want to learn.

In tutorial mode, you get no points, but a sneek view: The right window displays the word or symbol for the

path you're about to choose. So you have to search a little bit, but after a few time, you will have the idea,

where the right path could be found, and you find it faster. If you finish a tree within 200 seconds, it is time

to go over level easy.

4.4 Select (Start)row

Here you select the quested row in easy level, and the row to start with (followed by 2 or

3 of the next rows) in level medium.

In the hard level, the selection here has no effect on the game.

5. The Options- and Help Menu

Here you can activate or deactivate the whole sound together or parts of it.

Furthermore you can decide, that you don't want any highlighting function.

An finally, you can activate the registration from here.

In the Help menu, you find the Highscore Screen.

There is no way to determine the loudness or something from within the program; for that you would have to change the windows sound settings.

You also can activate or deactivaate some tools helping you in the fast selection of the path: The highlight function, and the "Last valid Path" function: The last path the mouse moved over will be highlighted until your mouse pointer is over another valid path. This can speed up your selection. It only works with activated highlighting.

The block ambigous function ensures, that, if your pointer is over a crossing of paths, that neither path is selected. This is to prevent errors.


6. The Registry


With registration you help to realize new features and related kinds of magical application. By the way: shareware is not a special type of program, but a way to distribute software, and to provide their authors a way to get a revenue for their work. Even such a little program like this was developed over more than six mounths.

If you wish to use all the build-in features, you might want to register. Registering costs 11$ (US).

The procedure is as follows:

1. You chose the menu Options/Register. The registry-window will be shown.

2. Please fill in the first field your name or magical motto or something.

3. Hit the Register! - Button.

Now there will be shown a code consiting of 9 Letters.

4. Please note this code and send it via Email to:

5. Please, click the register-Button of the kabbala Trainer Website. There you have to fill in some data for payment.

After this, you will soon get some notification (wich can be a little bit confusing; it can be germen text, but don't worry).

6.As soon as I get the confirmation of this process, I send you a matching key, wich you key into the third text window of the registry- Screen and press the finish-Button. And that will be all (provieded, there was no mispelling).

This registering is limited to one coumputer with the actual Window-Version. If you reinstall your Windows, the Registration might be lost. In that case, I'll send you a new key.

Normally, the whole procedure of confirmation and the sending of the keys is done within hours; if it takes longer, I might be on a vacation -- which usually does not happen very often.

But please, feel free to give away the unchanged installion version of the program. That means, the self extracting setup file.


7. Errors & Updates

Of course, in the current version, there are no known errors. If you find one, please contact me via email, so the next version will cover it. The new version can be downloaded and installed right over the old version.


8. Credits

Erik Zimmermann Idea, Concept and Coding

Heiko Lembke Graphic and Coding