The Registry

The registry process is not as elegant as I would have wanted it to be, but the steps
are necessary for this kind of distribution and copy protection.
On the other hand, with registration you help to realize new features and related kinds
of magical application.

Registering costs 11$ (US). The procedure is as follows:

1. You chose the menu Options/Register. The registry-window will be shown.
2. Fill in the first field your name or magical motto or something.
3. Activate the Register! - Button.
Now there will be shown a code consiting of 9 Letters.
4. Please note this code. Send it via Email to

5.  Order your shareware license here for $11. Thank you for supporting this software project!

6. After this, you get the matching key via email. You can type it into the third text-window of the registry-screen and
    press the finish-button.

After this, you have a fully functional and licensed version of the Qabalah-Trainer 

This registering is limited to one coumputer with the actual Window-Version. If you reinstall your Windows,
the Registration might be lost. In that case, please contact me via email, and I'll send you a new key.